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Glenrothes Model Railway Club Visit!

Showing logo of Glenrothes model railway club

The Third Primo Meeting!

I am happy to announce that another club meeting went fantastic! This time Primo Models have visited “Glenrothes Model Railway Club”. When I was looking for interesting facts about the city, I have found this. In 2009 it was named the most dismal town in Scotland. I guess it has motivated people in the area to do something about it. Just three years later, the following announcement came along: “Fife town Glenrothes has been named the cleanest, most beautiful community in Scotland by the environmental charity Keep Scotland Beautiful.”

Glenrothes Model railway Club is based in Wool Mill Complex, Woolmill Road, GLENROTHES, KY7 5RF. This time I have managed to find the place right away. Confirmation came with asking another person arriving at the same time who, as it turned out, was also going to the club meeting. Once again, I was happy to see some younger members involved in club activities! The Club has around 25 members and meets on Tuesday and Friday nights from approximately 7:00 PM, with members and visitors both free and welcome to arrive at whatever time after 7:00 pm is convenient. Officially it ends at 10:00 PM, but as it was the case this Friday, we have stayed there until almost midnight! I heard that is often the case. The club builds in N, OO, and O scale.

Primo models director shaking hand with the Glenrothes Club Member

First Impression and History

The first small pick behind the club doors already placed a big smile on my face. When I entered, I saw a board with a lot of tools, and I like tools, no… I love tools! Shortly after, I was approached and greeted by David, who is facebook responsible for the Club. The place looked busy, and everybody was working on something. Before I finished unpacking, people seemed to forget about the fact I am there from all the work going on. Luckily Stephen, who as it turned out later, is a scratch building “magician”, joined me for a short conversation together with other gentlemen who was just about to become a club member. After a few minutes, Stephen called the people for my short presentation. I have received a lot of motivating comments and suggestions regarding potential opportunities.

The Club was first started in November 1963 by five railwaymen from Thornton Motive Power Depot as a club for the sons of railway workers. The leader of the group was Willie Smith (Fitter), who had come to Thornton from Inverurie Works, where he had tried to start a club previously. The others were Willie Laird (Cleaner), Jim Duthie (Fireman), Dave Simpson (Shed Master at Leith Central), and Charlie Meacher (Running Foreman). A grant of £25 was received from the Railway Staff Association for Scotland (a social club for railway workers) to get wood to build the baseboards on condition that only sons of railway workers were admitted. The use of the Railway Ambulance Hut was secured as premises, on condition that the layouts were dismantled every weekend to allow First Aid training to be carried out. After moving for a few times, the Club became homeless in 1968. Decorland bought Their current at that time premises. Finally, Willie Smith badgered the local councilors, especially (Sir) George Sharp, who still worked on the railway at that time, for new premises to “keep the young lads off the street”. Eventually, The Club rented a room in the newly refurbished Balbirnie Wool Mill.

Glenrothes Model Railway Club TourA

After the presentation, everybody went to work, and I have continued an inspiring conversation with Stephen. His good ideas and remarks seemed to have no end. However, at some point, Stephen had to help with something in the other building just a few steps away. As I have found out later, the second room is a storage to keep clubs layouts. Gladly, John took me for a tour around the big layout the Club was working on. He warmly walked me around, showing every exciting detail that was already on the board. I also got to know the different responsibilities of different club members. Besides the layout, I was very impressed with the control box and all of the complex wirings on it. Fortunately, the Club has a fantastic teacher who is always willing to help with electric installation. I was fascinated with his traffic lights changing in short time intervals to add the action and life to future layouts. While I am talking about wiring, I have to add how joyful it was to watch David helping and explaining wee boy how to solder. I wish more young members would be attending club meetings. Besides the vast main room with layout standing in the middle, there were four smaller rooms on the side of the big one. Small workshop/detailing room, lounge room, kitchen, and… I am not sure what was in the last one. If you know, please leave the answer in the comment. I was too captivated with all the things going on around. I was also taken to the other building where the massive N scale layout was. Even thou I am an HO scale modeller myself, I love to watch so much action on relatively small space in N gauge.

Full size picture of Glenrothes model railway club layout in N scale

On the End

This time the club secretary was not there, so I had my handshake with the “Scrap Builder Champ” Stephen. Also, this time, the trees received by the ClubClub were placed on the layout right away! You can see how they present themselves in our facebook gallery. Furthermore, I am pleased to state that Primo Models was once again invited for yet another show next year!


Glenrothes Model Railway Exhibition!

Lomond Centre, Woodside Way, Glenrothes, KY75RA.


9th May 2020 – 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

10th May 2020 -10:30 AM to 4:30 PM

More at www.glenrothesmrc.org.uk







Model trees on the layout of Glenrothes Model Railway Club
Primo Models trees on the layout of Glenrothes Model Railway Club
Model trees on the layout of Glenrothes Model Railway Club next to church
Primo Models trees on the layout of Glenrothes Model Railway Club next to church

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