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Aberdeen Model Railway Club Visit!

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I am very excited to share my experiences from the second Primo Models club meeting this time with the “Aberdeen Model Railway Club.” Driving yet again up north, I was regreding once again that the winter days are so short, and I cannot admire great views all around me. One of the interesting facts about the area is that it has the most significant number of whiskey distilleries of any whiskey-producing area in Scotland.

The Aberdeen Model Railway Club is based in one of the buildings within Ferryhill Railway Heritage Trust SCIO premises at Polmuir Avenue, AB11 7WE. Once again, I got lost and had to count on help from passing people. Surprisingly I did not have to try too many times before I found a person that knew where the Club is. The Club has over twenty club members in different age groups from just starting the modeling journey kids to experienced veterans of the hobby. They meet every Wednesday from 7:00 PM till 10:00 PM. The Club builds in most of the scales from N scale to G scale.

Primo models director shaking hand with the Aberdeen club secretary

First Impression and History

When I finally reached the destination a little bit late, I have been immediately welcomed by busy club members moving some layout parts out of the building. Together with a warm welcome, I received help with unpacking and moving my displays inside. Once everything ready, inquiring club members surrounded the table where the dioramas were.
After saying once again nervously, a few words about myself and company people asked a lot of interesting questions to which I hope I have provided the right answers. Shortly after, like at a good party, everybody was going around and chatting with everybody else! No way I could find the time to drink tea that was kindly offered to me by the club secretary Karl.

Aberdeen Model Railway Club was formed by Martin Cheshire and Donald Reid in 1972. The First Club premises was the billiard room in Martin’s House in Cults. Over time the Club grew steadily with a group that covered all the scales available to railway modellers. By 1975 the Club was exhibiting layouts locally and as a member of the Association of Model Railway Societies in Scotland at various locations outwith Aberdeen. Layouts being exhibited included those built by the Club as well as those belonging to individual club members. As the Club grew, premises were always an issue, and the Club has moved several times before ending up in its present location at Ferryhill under the umbrella of the Heritage Trust in the nearby shed.


First of all, I have to mention how cool it is to have a model club at the premises of the Railway Heritage Trust. I can imagine that when club members lack inspiration for details, they can have a short walk and perhaps always find something interesting. Furthermore, is there a more attractive railway infrastructure element to pass on the way to the Club than renovated railway turntable?! Similarly, as in Inverness, the Aberdeen club also owns the club building. Inside consists of few medium-size rooms, each occupied with some under construction layouts. I just loved one of the small room that was made into a workshop area with wooden panels on the walls. I just wanted to sit on one of these chairs and build something. Later during the evening, when some of the people left, and it got less busy, Mr. Karl answered all of my questions and shared his views on different topics as well as club history and plans. From what I have understood, a lot is going on at the moment. I could see the hope steaming trough the ears when Mr. Karl was saying there is an opportunity ahead of increasing the club workspace! I will keep my fingers crossed and update you as soon as I hear of Aberdeen Model Railway Club succeeding in their plans.


The day ended up as usual with warm handshakes. I have left behind a couple of trees for the Club to see and try them out on their current under-construction layout. I am also glad to announce Primo Models was invited to the clubs exhibition next year!



Furthermore, I am happy to mention that there is a possibility that soon you will be able to see Primo Models trees in Aberdeen local model shop! KMS Railtech is located in 11 West High Street, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire AB51 3SA. The shop is owned by some of the Aberdeen Model Railway Club members so please make sure you pay a visit: https://www.kmsrailtech.co.uk/





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