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Model Bushes


All Primo Model bushes are handcrafted with love and passion for creating miniature worlds


Our bushes are long-lasting and resistant to changing environmental conditions


Each bush is uniquely made with its own style of branching and various shapes

Regular Model Bushes

Regular Model Bushes

Creosote bush ring in Mojave Desert named as the “King Clone” is believed to be the oldest bush in the world. A professor at the University of California Frank Vasek estimated its age to be roughly 11,700 years old.

Our bushes are robust, durable, 100% handmade and built to last. The foliage and leaves on our bushes are carefully glued to minimise wear and tear, ensuring long life and a realistic appearance for years to come. We only use carefully selected and sustainable materials tried and tested over time to create the best products we can

Our model bushes can be used in several popular scales such as; 1:220 z gauge, 1:160 n scale, 1:100 architecture models, 1:87 ho scale, 1:76 oo gauge, 1:48 dollhouses, 1:45 o gauge, 1:35 Military models, 1:32 scale and occasionally 1:22.5 G Scale as well as many other war-gaming and tabletop figure collection scale models in between.

Each of the specific model bushes descriptions consist of some supporting information that we hope will help you to create a more realistic and natural scale model scenery. Those information are: General product description and size to scale comparison table.

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