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Model Grass


All Primo Model grass clumps are handcrafted with love and passion for creating miniature worlds


Our grass clumps are long-lasting and resistant to changing environmental conditions

Model Flowers

Model Flowers


Flowers come in thousands of different shapes and color combinations, each with their own name and classification. There are over 400,000 types of flowering plants

3mm Grass Clumps

Model Grass Clumps - 3mm

Grasslands make up most of the Earth and are actually some of the largest ecosystems in the world. It’s estimated that 20 – 40 % of the Earth is covered in grassland.

Model Grass Clumps 6mm

Model Grass Clumps - 6mm

Due to their biological makeup, palm trees are technically classified as a very tall grass.

Model Grass Clumps 6-12mm

Model Grass Clumps - 6-12mm

Scientists have managed to find a species of seagrass in the Mediterranean Sea that existed 200,000 years ago. That makes it one of the oldest living organisms to have ever been discovered.

Model Grass Clumps 12mm

Model Grass Clumps - 12mm

The most expensive lawn in the world just so happens to be in England at the Centre Court at Wimbledon. The famous tennis court has around 54 million single grass plants that cover it and requires a lot of maintenance.

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