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Clydeside Model Railway Club Visit!

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The Sixth Primo Meeting!

 Another well-spent Friday surrounded by people with passion! The Sixth Primo Meeting went great. This time we were hosted by the “Clydeside Model Railway Club.” There is an old saying, “The Clyde made Glasgow and Glasgow made the Clyde.” It comes from sentiment for the days when the river Clyde was the world’s premier shipbuilding center! The last of the great liners to be built on Clydeside was the QE2 in 1967

The Club has a long history in modelling in 0, 00, and H0 Gauges, and has recently dabbled in N and H0e. They meet every Tuesday and Friday from around 7:00 PM till 10:00 PM

Primo models director shaking hand with the Clydeside Club Tresurer

First Impression and History

First of all, I have to mention that I was a little bit worried about the lack of parking space directly next to the Club. Fourteen different dioramas have to be carried to the Clubroom each visit. On top of that night was rather cold with white frost covering everything around. Luckily my excitement to see new layouts and meet new people overcome both the distance and the cold. When I have finally entered the room, I was stunned. The room was not only full of finished layouts, but most of the had  ELECTRIC TRACTION over the track! There are very few single things that can enhance the end visual effect of layout as much as the traction does. At the time when I have arrived, there were four people present at the Club, with another four appearing shortly after. I have been told that the Club has thirty-two members at the moment. The Clubroom itself was a little bit smaller compare to other clubs facilities I have visited so far, but people in the Clydeside Club know how to use their space effectively. There were six finished layouts, and one started just recently.  Douglas told me it is peculiarly being built for kids to play with it on shows! I think it is safe to assume that kid who tried to run a train at least for once is much more likely to come back to this hobby at some point than a kid who has only seen it. Another good practice on the list on how to promote our shared passion!

Established in 1958, Clydeside is one of Glasgow’s oldest Model Railway Clubs and is a member of the Association of Model Railway Societies in Scotland, Clydeside MRC was celebrating 60 years of modelling in 2018 with the construction of new layouts, and attending various Model Railway Shows. Clydeside MRC organizes the Cathcart Model Railway Exhibition every October and is actively involved in running Model Rail Scotland every February. They offer a warm welcome to visitors and members.

Clydeside Model Railway Club Tour

I have received the opportunity to talk to all gathered club members during their “tea time.” While we were sitting together next to a small table, I have said a few words about myself, the company and products. Shortly after, Douglas was kind enough to walk with me around the layouts, turn on every single one of them, and presented all the details and short history behind each. While watching impressive traction that was adding a special touch to the layout, I had an internal dialogue regarding what era I should build my own. Can the electric traction and a few more modern, good looking details overturn the beauty of wooden sheds, brick factories, and slow rolling detailed locomotives? Please leave your opinion in the comment section!

Furthermore, the layout had a great light system. The light was present everywhere: on the streets, inside the buildings, on the side of structures, in semaphores, even the car lights on the parking lot or information screen on the platform! Moreover, the layout was fully automatized and could have running trains without an operator. In care for details, club members made sure that the semaphores are changing as they would in reality! Their Control box seemed to be the “top web” I have seen so far. I was thinking just now to maybe introduce a ranking of “most complex” control panels for the layout. All in all, when it comes to electronics, the Club seems to have great expertise in the field!

Later the evening, Douglas and I have replaced some of the trees on the Irrgarten layout. It has been in storage for around four years and was taken out just recently. Club members were working hard on restoring it to the shape from before “exile.” It still requires some additional scenery elements, but you can see in the gallery how much of a difference a Primo Models Tree make to the layout. 

Clydeside Model Railway Clubroom
Clydeside Model Railway Club layout at night
Clydeside Model Railway Club layout at night

On the End

On end just before the final handshake, Douglas turned off all lights in the Clubroom so we could admire and take some photos of Irrgarten by night! The view was fascinating. I wish the picture would capture it at least half as good as it looked in reality. Last but not least, Primo Models was invited for next year Club’s Exhibition! 


The dates for the 2020 Exhibition are 24th and 25th October.

The Exhibition is open from 1000 – 1700 on Saturday, and 1000 – 1600 on Sunday.

Contact the Club:





Primo Models trees on the layout of Clydeside Model Railway Club
Historic station model replica at Clydeside Model Railway Club
Primo Models trees on the layout of Clydeside Model Railway Club

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